Hot Pink Faux Bow & Diamonds RSVP Card

Graduation Invitation Description

Personalized wedding RSVP flat cards / invitations. Elegant custom silver and hot pink colors double sided response cards with a beautiful sparkly printed glitter sequins pattern, cute shiny hot pink printed vector bows and ribbons and pretty, stylish printed image diamonds bling jewels and hot pink pink text. These classy glamorous, fashionable pink and silver formal rsvps are decorated on both sides. Beautiful, chic, trendy, modern, girly double sided cards with glitz and glamour. Please note: All invites on Zazzle have flat printed images. I have matching products for weddings in my store. Text, font and colors of font are all personalizable / personalisable to meet your needs. If you need assistance customizing your product please contact me through my store. I will be happy to NOTE:- All invitations on Zazzle have flat printed images. GROOVY GRAPHICS MOST POPULAR PRODUCTS FLASH PANEL View more personalized gifts from Zazzle.

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